Der erste Soundgongbath in Salzburg – Review



***W*O*W*** and a massive THANK YOU to Karlo Vizek,
who came all the way from Slovenia to play two Soundgongbaths last weekend
and brought the experience of Sound to a whole new level in Salzburg.

The power of his Gongs, the vibration that filled the room, the energy that had been set free, … one of the deepest and most intense experiences one can have.More than only a few participants realized that they didn`t even know how you can  play a Gong.

The idea of just banging it as in a „Kung Fu“ movie is pretty common. But if you ever participated a Soundgongbath with Karlo you learn a whole new way of experiencing, listening to and playing Gongs.

2015-01-20_11h52_352015-01-20_11h51_36His individual way of letting the different sounds appear is so rich, full of harmony, full of power, full of vibration.

A breathtaking and very touching little „orchestra“ of Planet Gongs, Wind Gongs, Crystal Quartz Singing Bowls,
Wind chimes, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Indian Harps and many more, gifted all participants with a surprising, new and inspirational „Sound of Vibration and Music“.










We all hope this was not the last Soundgongbath Karlo has played in Salzburg.                   Many thanks also to all beautiful people who participated the Soundgongbath.               With your presence and your energy the Soundgongbath became something really special.

Namastè, Sascha

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