Review: Dancing Thai yoga with Kam Thye Chow

We really had a good time and enjoyed learning from Kam Thye Chow.

The way he explained the principles and the foundations of Thaimassage was really inspiring. The basic concept and the focus on your Energyfield, the distancing and your centre point makes the thai yoga to a real dance. Keeping the 4 pillars (meditation, asanas, rhythmic rocking, touch)always in mind and working with metta makes your thai yoga to a wounderful journey for giver and receiver.


Together we enjoyed a wonderful walk to Salzburgs Stupa on „Mönchsberg“.


I really felt so grateful as i saw you all practicing and enjoying thai yoga.


Saturdaynight Kam gave us some insights from Asokananda and the time back then.

NamasteI want to send all participants a big thank you and a big thanks to Kam Thye Chow for your inspiring teachings.

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